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Village Hope International believes that Education is a strong driver for sustainable community development. Your sponsorship will serve as a key that will open a school gate for a needy child to access formal education, pursue life dreams and change his/her life dramatically. We are glad to see that you have chosen to provide a scholarship to a financially disadvantaged Child. Your Support will provide formal Education to a vulnerable child in form of classroom curriculum training, co-curricular trainings, scholastic materials, food and basic health care.

Your sponsored child will receive mentoring, training, and coaching in order to become part of a unique network of future decision makers that will drive our communities forward in an economic, political and social way. Your sponsorship does not only end at allowing a needy child to go to school, but it will also make them part of a powerful niche of a highly potential, professional and talented useful Human beings. Your Support will indeed give birth to a brand new community of future teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, politicians and entrepreneurs - all eager, willing, and able to contribute to the economic, political, and social development of their communities and the World at large.

Non-Profit Organization

Because we respect and value your sponsorship gift, we shall direct it towards supporting the highly potential and serious children who have already demonstrated excellence in school and extracurricular activities but are in lack of financial support and privilege to access quality education. Village Hope International’s beneficiaries undergo a rigorous selection process and fulfill a certain set of guidelines. Priority is given to needy talented children who are from a disadvantaged financial background but full of extraordinary potential and personalities. Orphans and other Vulnerable Children are equally considered a top priority in our sponsorship program.


Transparency is one of our core values that we have always adhered to in all our program implementation activities. At every end of a school term and year, you will receive a progress report concerning your sponsored child’s performance by mail or email. We do this to enable you to track the impact of your sponsorship or donation. Progress reports are summarized information on success in the classroom and extracurricular activities prepared by the respective school management.

You also have a choice to choose whether to direct your sponsorship gift towards supporting one child’s Education or choose to direct your sponsorship towards rendering educational aid to different children in need. Either of the two, we are grateful, and we shall forward you the personal details of your sponsored beneficiary and relative termly and or annual performance reports. You also have a choice to choose the region or country in which you would like to sponsor a child from. You also have a choice whether to sponsor a girl child’s Education or a boy Child’s Education, in all we are thankful.

You have taken a great choice to sponsor a child at Village Hope international, we are grateful for your love and kindness, please contact us by email for more information about our Child sponsorship program. Our email address is;

Call Us by Phone on 

213 335 3083

You can also directly mail us your letter or child

sponsorship gift at our address below.

Village Hope International

11657 Oxnard Street

Suite 220

North Hollywood, Ca 91606.


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