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Child Care

Village Hope International's Child Care program is dedicated to helping children who are deprived, excluded, and vulnerable. Our mission is to empower parents and leaders to bring positive change to their communities, and to promote a culture that values, protects, and advances the worth and rights of children. With our deep understanding of children's experiences of deprivation, exclusion, and vulnerability, we are committed to making a lasting impact on their lives.


Child Development

Psycho-Social and spiritual Wellbeing

At Village Hope International, we are committed to promoting the healthy growth and development of children through a variety of activities that nurture their social, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Our team of experts provides family and teenage counseling, peer-to-peer training, and training for faith-based leaders on how to promote and protect the rights of vulnerable children. We believe in responsible and disciplined nurturing to help children reach their full potential.


A Home for Every Child

We believe that every child deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home. That's why we provide accommodation facilities for orphans and other vulnerable children who don't have a place to live. Our facilities come fully equipped with all the necessary household items to ensure that these children have everything they need to thrive.


Care Givers

Giving Real Parental Love and Care to Children

At our organization, we take pride in training and equipping our caregivers with all the necessary skills and expertise to provide the best care for vulnerable children. Our caregivers are professionally equipped to meet all the health and social needs of children under their care.

How You Can Sponsor a Child With Village Hope International

  • Online Donation

You can sponsor a child through Village Hope International by making a secure donation online using your credit card or PayPal, We accept all major cards including; Visa, Mastercard, American Express and so much more. Simply click any of our Donation button on this website and you will be able to select whether to make a one time or monthly donation to village Hope international. You can also choose from the list of programs we offer and make your donation towards that particular project. All our online donations are safe and secure, we are a partner of Paypal, therefore, we use PayPal to process all our online donation transactions.

  • By check

You can make your donation to Village Hope International by check, simply write your check in the names of "Village Hope International" and send it to the following physical address; 11657 Oxnard Street #220, North Hollywood, Ca 91606, USA. 

  • Assets and Property Donation.

You can donate your car, house, land, boat, or business in support of this cause. We shall turn your physical asset into cash and support this cause. Contact us if you wish to support our organization using a physical asset.

Note that Village Hope International is a US 501(C)3 Non Profit Organization, therefore, your donations can be tax exempt to the extent permitted by law.

If you have any question about our Organization or programs, feel free to contact us via email  at; or by telephone at  213 335 3083.

Thank you for your generosity!

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