Village Hope International is a registered US 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization that supports needy children to acquire formal Education and modern health care services. Our EIN is 85-1060800 and our Charity Number is 4587645. Village Hope International Charity programs provide scholarships, food, shelter and modern healthcare services to vulnerable children in need around the World. We also train community members and other stake holders to promote and support education and health care of vulnerable children.

Village Hope International Vision is “Child Care and Support”, and our Mission Statement is “To Support Vulnerable Children to Acquire Formal Education and Modern Healthcare Services through Synergies”. We implement our Vision and mission with strict adherence to our core values of Transparency, Accountability, dignity for human rights and cooperation with partners.


Our needy Children’s Education sponsorship program is a key that opens various school gates for needy children to access formal education, pursue lifelong dreams and change their lives dramatically. Our Education program provides needy children with academic scholarships that enables them to access classroom lessons, co-curricular trainings and scholastic materials. Beneficiaries of our Education program are children who are in lack of financial support and privilege to access formal education. Our program beneficiaries undergo a rigorous selection process and fulfill a certain set of guidelines. Priority is given to Orphans and needy talented children who are from disadvantaged financial backgrounds. Besides Scholarships, we also train communities, caregivers and other stake holders to promote and support education of Vulnerable Children, especially girl child and children with disabilities. We do this through workshops, conferences, seminars and community sensitization meetings. Our Education program also provides apprenticeship trainings that equips former school dropout children with basic educational skills in computer science, tailoring, motor vehicle mechanics, hair dressing, among others. We do this in partnership with local institutions and companies.


Village Hope International understands that Good health is the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person. Children need to have access to preventive care such as immunization, as well as treatment of illness. Children who lack an adult caregiver receive less attention when sick and miss out on health services, this makes them more vulnerable to diseases and in tedious. That is why, We conduct public health trainings and meetings to equip care givers, stakeholders and other Community members with skill on promotion of personal hygiene, maintaining proper home environment, home based management of common childhood diseases, and HIV/AIDS sensitization, prevention and care. Our program also links needy children to Health centers and hospitals for management of common childhood diseases including malaria. Using our available quick means of transport, provided by Village Hope International and partners, we transport sick children to hospital and follow-up with their health condition, treatment and healing process. We meet hospital bills and cost of medication. Through this arrangement, thousands of children's lives have been saved. Village Hope International's health care program also conducts registration of Community members who own private cars, motorcycles and bicycles to offer free voluntary transportation of sick children/people to hospital. Village Hope International only provides fuel to the volunteer's car participating in this project, and only during time of use. We also provide adolescent girl children with sanitary ware materials like cotton wool, sanitary pads. Our Charitable Organization also provide vaccines to children through our community health camp campaigns. We have always implemented this using local healthcare providers and international volunteers from the medical field. We offer deworming medicines, antimalaria tablets, among others. In a similar preventive manner, our malaria fight project gives out mosquito nets to prevent young children against mosquito bites that cause malaria.


Natural disaster and various global pandemics like Covid-19 have already impacted on many communities around the World. This has exposed thousands of people to various Psycho-Social and economic challenges including malnutrition due to lack of food, poverty due to high unemployment level and diseases related to malnutrition and depression. These Challenges presents additional obstacles to ending malnutrition among children living in both developing and developed countries. Malnutrition contributes more than half of global child death every year, causing about 3.1 million child death world-wide. Malnutrition causes children to be more vulnerable to illness. Village Hope International Conducts Natural calamity vulnerability and Unemployment level assessment in the communities where we operate. This is intended to identify and analyze undernutrition cases, related families and its cause in the community. This is our starting point in engagement of families to fight malnutrition among children. We document profiles and social-economic practices of families affected by undernutrition. We give out food staffs and other household assorted items to needy families with children facing malnutrition, these are always selected from families that have recently faced a natural calamity/pandemic, families facing long periods of unemployment and those living with orphaned children. Our feeding program also involves the provision of clean drinking water in families caring for needy children and in schools. This measure has helped us to prevent water-borne diseases among needy children living especially in developing Countries. Besides food staffs, we train community members on promotion of diversified resilient livelihood practices to fight poverty and increase food access.

Donate to feed the hungry, Donate to Save Life, Donate to Educate a Vulnerable Child in need.

Your donation is our meal card, it will put a meal on table for a hungry child. It is a key that will open a school gate for a vulnerable child to access formal education. Your donation will enable a child to live a healthy life. You can donate to us by sending your gift or check to our physical address: 11657 Oxnard Street Suite 220, North Hollywood, Ca 91606, USA. You can also safely donate to us online by visiting our website:

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