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Hunger Has Many Components

According to the United Nations World Food Programme, hunger and malnutrition is extensive in certain parts of Ghana and Uganda. In Ghana, as many as 25 percent of children under the age of five are suffering from malnutrition. In Uganda, the number is similar with 29 percent reported. Malnutrition often looks different than what we assume. While many are suffering and dying, many others are experiencing the health consequences of being underweight, experiencing stunted growth, lacking proper nutrition or dealing with food insecurity.


Malnutrition not only results in physical problems for a child but also delays in mental development. Often, children who are not getting proper nutrients will also have delays in meeting developmental milestones. However, if caught early, a child can get back on track both physically and mentally.

Stunted Growth

Proper growth and child development depends on proper nutrition. Often, nutrients such as calcium and magnesium are lacking in diets that result in stunted growth in infants and children. Medical personnel on site can quickly assess these issues and provide the proper nutrition to bring a child's growth back in line.

Lack of Proper Nutrition

A child may have access to food but not be receiving the proper nutrients. Their diet may lack milk or fruit while providing enough protein. All nutrients serve a different purpose and providing proper nutrition based on nutritional knowledge is vital to ensure the proper growth and development of a child, no matter their age.

Food Insecurity

Not only in Ghana and Uganda, but in many other countries as well, children and their families often suffer from food insecurity. Often the term food insecurity and food deserts go hand in hand. Food insecurity simply means nutritious food is lacking or difficult to come by. This results in a child's inability to grow properly and to function in school. Without proper nutrition, concentration and mental development often lag behind.


Providing proper nutrition for children and their families goes a long way in making sure children are a proper weight, grow as they should, have proper nutrition and a reliable food source with proper nutritional components. Your donation can help ensure that children in impoverished countries receive the food that they need to grow up to be not only well fed but healthy, both mentally and physically. Research shows that children that receive proper nutrition have less behavior issues, less health issues and can concentrate and achieve better in school. Your donation can make the difference in a child's life!

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