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Why is Formal Education so Important for Kids?

Education and healthcare are two of the most important factors in the successful and fulfilled growth of children. Without proper education and healthcare they can become sick, they may not be able to afford the opportunities to grow and learn, and their lives are forever marred by this injustice. Charitable organizations like Village Hope International are working to change that to help those in need get the healthcare and the education that they need to truly thrive and succeed.

Why is Formal Education so Important?

Children can learn at home, and most do, even those that attend traditional schools still learn skills and information at home. That being said, formal education offers so much more than just facts and knowledge. When we think of formal education we think of schools and teachers, a safe place to be and people that care about the well-being of students and what they are doing and achieving. Formal education does offer the ability to learn, but it can offer so much more.

In the course of a day a child that is attending a formal school is going to be fed, they are going to be sheltered, their mind is stimulated, and they are able to meet other people and other children their age. This means that school provides them with food, water, shelter and companionship, all things that the human body and mind needs to thrive and flourish. School offers them a safe place to simply be and a place where they do not have to worry.

Formal education and modernized healthcare go hand in hand. These students in impoverished countries, in countries close to home and even in the United States have been left behind and Village Hope International is working to change that. With access to vaccines, health and wellness checks and life-saving medicine, Village Hope wants to stand with these children that are struggling and help lift them up so that they can grow, flourish and succeed at anything that they set their minds and hearts to.

With the right healthcare and education any child can feel safe, secure and loved, and they can flourish and grow and become what they have always wanted to do. Village Hope provides help with formal education and healthcare and helps these children go above and beyond what is expected of them so that they can be what they have always wanted to be and so that they can go to bed at night with full bellies and full minds that are free of fear and free of hunger.

Village Hope has charitable programs all over the world, and they work to help children that are struggling get the tools that they need to succeed and to stop the cycle of hunger and inequality that has plagued their young lives from the start. With the right resources and the right tools, any child can flourish and any child can succeed.

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