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Together, We Can Feed a Hungry Child Today

Covid-19 global pandemic has impacted everyone around the World. This has exposed millions of people to various Psycho-Social and economic challenges including lack of food, poverty, unemployment and depression.

These Challenges presents additional obstacles to ending malnutrition among children.

Malnutrition contributes more than half of global child death every year, causing about 3.1 million child death world-wide. Malnutrition causes children to be more vulnerable to illness.

Under Nutrition hinders the growth and development of children's brain, affecting their health and School performance.

Therefore, we are currently reaching out to needy communities with food staffs and other household items.

Needy families with children at risk of facing malnutrition are our priority in this feeding program. Our target groups are as follows;

1. Communities facing high rates of unemployment due to Covid-19.

2. Communities affected by any kind of natural calamity including floods, draught, fires, landslides among others.

3. Communities living below one dollar per day due to poverty.

Your donation today will feed a hungry family, please donate today.

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