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What to Look for in a Charity Organization in California

Providing humanitarian aid to people in need is always a very important step in giving back to the world around you. The problem is, not every organization is going to have the same mission and goals that you have. Choose one you can believe in and really get behind. While you want to learn about the type of work they are doing, you also want to learn about the values and principles they have in place to guide the work they do. That is a critical way of choosing any charity organization in California and it should be something you do every time you donate money. Consider Village Hope International and the work it does in Africa.

Built on Empowerment

One of the reasons to consider this charity organization in California is because it is designed not to just hand over money or to provide goods, but to teach and empower. By empowering people, you give them the tools and resources they need to become healthier, promising, and motivated individuals who work to change and improve their communities. At Village Hope International, they do this in a variety of ways. They work hard to ensure that those who they are supporting have the tools and resources to learn, grow, and become healthy and happy. In many ways, this can be incredibly rewarding to be a part of because you know you are changing a community's future.

Girl Child Education

Another reason to work with Village Hope International is because of the focus on girl child education. It may not seem right today to support programs and groups that push for specific education for one gender, but in areas of Africa, this is critical. That is because girls' education is just not something that happens readily here – or enough. That often means women lack any real skills to build businesses, to each their children or others, or to find jobs. They also are unable to move beyond their current situation into a better one. Girls education is one of the key foundations of support at Village Hope International. When you work with a team to support girl child education, you are empowering future generations.

Key Principles to Count On

Whether you are looking for volunteering opportunities or you just want to drop off a donation, it is critical to understand the key principles and the values an organization has. You want to know what they are doing and how they are making decisions about their efforts and goals.

For example, at Village Hope International, there is a significant focus on transparency. There is no doubt that people need to know an organization is being fair and transparent about the investments they are making. In addition to this, the organization is focused on accountability and ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals to support children in Africa. They also have a strong respect for human rights. That means they are protecting the rights of people who otherwise have no ability to defend themselves.

As you look at a charity organization in California and wonder if you should support them, remember that there are many ways you can help out. Volunteering opportunities are often available at the best actions. They can always benefit from funds. At the same time, they also need help getting their message and their mission out to the world to attract other supporters. You can be a part of that, too.

Take the time to learn more about Village Hope International and the educational and health services they are offering to children in Africa.

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