Our Story

Village Hope International was founded by Bob Tiwa and other seven volunteers in Los Angeles City, California USA. Bob Tiwa, with his colleagues were concerned with the rate at which young brains and talents were perishing in most of the remote Villages in Developing Countries of the Current World. Lack of formal Education and limited Modern health care services derailed many underprivileged children from achieving their life dreams. Together with his local and international Volunteers, Bob Tiwa founded Village Hope International to promote, provide and support Vulnerable Children to acquire formal education, and Modern Health Care Services.


Village Hope International’s strategic plan provides for two major humanitarian programs. Formal Education and modern health care services constitute our core programs. Our Education Program provides Scholarships, offers Scholastic materials and feeds needy children in Uganda. Our Education program also empowers and promotes formal Education for vulnerable Children through community sensitization meetings, Conferences and seminars. Village Hope International’s Health care Program has saved thousands of innocent and angelic soles from perishing due to curable illnesses like malaria, typhoid, HIV/AIDS and malnourishment. Guided by our one Vision, “Cared Generation” and Mission; “To Empower Communities in generation Care through Synergies”, Village Hope International implements her programs while respecting a given set of Values and principles. Transparency, Accountability and Respect for Human Rights are our day to day Values.


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